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Chris Smith: Links

CJS blog
Music, community, radical politics, and the occasional ray of sunshine, on This is the most current material, including the epic "100 Greats in 100 Days" project--which is kicking my ass!

Brothers and sisters in music

Chipper Thompson
Alabama-Taos roots rocker
Roger Landes
Bouzouki virtuoso
Randal Bays
Fiddle master
Gearóid ÓhAllmhuráin
Ethnomusicologist and concertina virtuoso
Grey Larsen
Flute/whistle master
John White
"Dr Jolt"- keyboardist, improvisor, educator
Jann Cosart
Early strings virtuoso and Altramar colleague
Larry Young
Fiddler; my oldest (earliest?) musical collaborator
Sam Bartlett
Great three-way (bluegrass, old-time, Irish) banjo virtuoso
Jessica Ziegler
Top-notch Irish fiddler and musical "baby sister"
Jeff Sherman
Master violin-maker and bodhranist
Kay Stonefelt
Frame-drummer and duo-partner
Heather Maxwell Adou
Singer, dancer, linguist, ethnomusicologist, duet-partner
Jacques and Virginia Cesbron
Dancers, teachers, choreographers

Last Night's Fun

Last Night's Fun
Traditional Irish music (flute/whistle, guitar/voice, bodhran/voice, banjo/bouzouki/box) from Lubbock TX.


Thomas Binkley
The late, great, incomparable medieval-music master Tom Binkley. They broke the mold.
David Baker
The indestructible jazz master. A 50-year career making jazz players. My teacher.
Larry Baeder
The self-described and well-deserved "baddest Jewish blues guitarist from Kansas City." My principle jazz guitar teacher.
Dean Magraw
Zatoichi of the guitar. Wes Montgomery and Norman Blake's brilliant mutant offspring.
Dick Bauman
Folklorist and semiotician; a key shaper of my own thinking.
Henry Glassie
Anthropologist, folklorist, and author. He sets the bar.
Peter Burkholder
Musicologist. My dissertation advisor and still one of my most trusted professional mentors.
Tom Mathiesen
Musicologist and Ph.D. coach. Possibly the most brilliant intellect I've ever encountered.
Austin Caswell
Musicologist. The crazy/brilliant uncle I wanted and never had

Friends and relations

Angela Mariani
Still my most treasured musical partner
David Smith
My big brother. How to write, and think, and create housing that people can afford.
Justin Smith
My little brother. Master craftsman and "man of his hands."
Rebecca Weller Brown
My baby sister. Writing, public policy, community advocacy.
Rich Remsberg (and Lisa Nilsson)
Old friends from Bloomington. Music, arts, design, archival research.
Dagom Ganden Tensing Ling monastery
Bloomington Tibetan monastery. Revered teachers and treasured friends.
Trijang Buddhist Institute
Home base of Geshe-la, revered teacher and friend


Ossian USA - best trad-music vendors on the Web
Mary Lou & Charlie have been great friends to the music and the musicians for many years. Even if it costs a couple more bucks to buy from them--do it anyway. They have an inventory that amazon, cdconnection, cdbaby, etc can't even touch.
Clareen Banjos
Best Irish tenor banjos in the world, and Shaskeen, the greatest ceili band.

Trad artists & resources

Andy Irvine
Kieron's excellent Andy Irvine site: resources, clips, lyrics, gig schedule, etc
Andy Irvine
Andy's own site: links, road journals and diary, lyrics, etc
Alan Ng's exemplary online database indexing recordings of tunes. An invaluable resource for learning.
Fiddler's Companion
Andrew Kuntz's enormous database indexing print and recorded appearances of tunes. Huge and indispensible.


Faculty bio on the TTU School of Music website
CJS courses at TTU
Websites for courses (password-protected)
TTU School of Music
School of Music home page
CJS Geocities site
Lots of educational material here
"" essays on instruction
These are instructional essays that I wrote for Dan Beimborn's site. Technique, ear-training, repertoire, etc.


The Celtic Shores
Chris Smith radio program on TX public radio station KOHM (89.1 or Live, streamed, and archived.
Home page for Angela's nationally-syndicated public radio program on early music.

Public policy/arts advocacy

Caprock Celtic Association
Celtic music, dance, language arts and cultural events for the South Plains
Caprock Early Music
Early music advocay, concerts, and educational presentations for the South Plains