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The trio disc: Coyotebanjo

Chris Smith (tenor banjo), Randal Bays (fiddle), Roger Landes (bouzouki), with guests Angela Mariani (voice) and John Perrin (bodhran), kicking out the jams live in the studio on a program of classic tunes--jigs, reels, hornpipes, slow airs, and funny songs--from the Irish tradition.
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Check for $15 to
Christopher J Smith
School of Music MS2033
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409-42033
Coyotebanjo at
Mary Lou and Charlie at OssianUSA have been great friends to the music and the musicians for many years. Very fast, very knowledgeable, very personable. If you can't buy from me direct, try to buy from them:
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Find Coyotebanjo at CD Baby
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Buy direct as digital download from iTunes: 99c per track.

Altramar - medieval music

Find the medieval band at
Find the medieval band
Calendar, bios, gig-list, CD's, and more

Celtic Backup for All Instrumentalists - Book/CD

Sean Laffey of Irish Music Magazine said "I could imagine this forming the basis for a complete Master's program in accompaniment."

A righteous best-seller, according to Mel Bay.
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Johnny Faa - band CD

First CD by my current Irish trad band, Johnny Faa. Bouzouki/banjo, flute/whistle, guitar/song, bodhran. Songs and tunes, over 70:00 minutes of music. Tell Steve I sent you, or find it at CD Baby
Band website
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