The cuts on his CD really cook, with Bays and Landes really going at it along with Chris." Kevin Donleavy, Atlantic Weekly, WTJU-Charlottesville” - Kevin Donleavy

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I was driving home from the Y last night, listening to the radio—heard a very tight tenor banjo and pipe duet (I think it was pipes) and I thought: hmmm, who could that be...has to be one of the heavies...Brian McGrath? Maybe Kieran Hanrahan has a new one out...or some new Irish kid...and I was enjoying it so much I found myself driving on the wrong side of the road, actually...and it turns out, it was YOU. Great to hear—very impressive stuff...The cd honks.” - Sam Bartlett (Larry Unger, Wild Asparagus, Tongue 'n Groove, Fiddle 'n Feet, Rhythm in Shoes)

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Their sounds mix like two glasses of water poured into a single bowl.” - John Davis

— Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Boston Early Music News” - Lansing McCloskey

— Boston Early Music News

Positively spooky.”

— Dirty Linen

There is a magical quality to this release. When the music starts, a door opens to the distant past”

— 9X, A Publication of Plan 9 Music

Deep beauty and sensibility . . . a magical trip, a passage of the time.”

— Resenas

Hauntingly authentic . . . Deeply spiritual.”

— Sorted Magazine

Our Chris has his new CD out, and it’s lovely stuff, I’m really enjoying listening to the thing. Roger Landes and Randal Bays play extensively, and Angela Mariani sings -- and to think that while they were here, I didn’t realize Angie sang, or I’d’ve asked for songs all the whole time, what a lovely voice to listen to!” - Zina Lee


I will second the vote for Coyotebanjo being a great album. It’s basically Chris, Roger, and Randal recorded live , but recorded in a studio with great sound quality. They visit a lot of tunes at the heart of the Irish tradition, and the mix of banjo, bouzouki, and fiddle sounds great. There’s also a couple of very nice songs with Angie singing. I believe that Chris’ addition to the mightycraiconline is taken from the album if you want a sample.” - The Reverend


The buzz around Chris Smith’s old stomping grounds here in Indiana is full up and folks are very excited to hear the Coyotebanjo CD. I’ve been told that at least one advance copy is making the rounds!” - Steve Johnson

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